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#SafetyFirstAlways Team JSTARS member, Staff Sgt. Morgan K. Revels, 461 ACW, detected a fairly large piece of debris on the flightline just as one of our crews was headed out to the plane for a mission. The debris may have caused considerable damage to the jet's engine had it been sucked in. Thanks to the stringent FOD (foreign object detection) program we have in place, and of course keen, eagle eyes like Revel's, a mishap was potentially averted. Well done, Staff Sgt. Revels. Now enjoy your time off! Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard | Georgia National Guard | Air Combat Command | 138th MICO Army JSTARS (Photo is not of actual debris found by Revels, but similar)
On #NationalDogDay, we want our Guard family to share pics of their canine family members in the comments below! Here’s one Georgia Air Guardsman’s guard dog.
#SundayFunday #SundayFun What kind of fun stuff do you have planned for today? Will it be as fun as Thunderbird 1 is having? Check out this cool #360view with the USAF Thunderbirds.
TSgt Michelle Sheppard, a health technician craftsman with the 116th Medical Group, Georgia National Guard, is recognized for superior performance by members of the Robins Air Force Base Chief's group. CMSgt Frank Bulin, superintendent of the 116th MDG, nominated Sheppard for her efforts during a recent deployment, the attention to detail she displays as a health technician and her willingness to help where needed in the wing, even outside her career field. She volunteered and is temporarily working in the 116th ACW Human Resources office to help out with crucial tasks. She's a true example of a team player according to Bulin. Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard | Air National Guard | Robins Chiefs Group
Master Sgt's Tiffany Taylor, Stephen Clark and Valerie Morris, were welcomed into the senior non-commissioned officers corps during a Robins Air Force Base-hosted Senior NCO Induction Ceremony held at the Museum of Aviation Robins AFB, Warner Robins, GA, Thursday night. In attendance to welcome them to the "Top 3" were Col. Robby Key, commander, 116th Maintenance Group, and Chief Master Sgt. Mike Bugay, 116ACW command chief. "We are fortunate to have outstanding Guardsmen entering the senior NCO ranks," said Bugay. "Their hard work has paid off and they are shining examples for junior airmen and NCOs to follow!" Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard | Georgia National Guard | Georgia Air National Guard Recruiting
#SigningTheDottedLine Congrats goes out to Tech Sgt. Tandalyn White, NCOIC Student Flight, 116th Force Support Squadron, who re-enlisted for three more years in the Georgia Air National Guard! Student Flight is a program for all non-prior service and is designed to help non-prior service enlistees become better prepared for Air Force basic training. "It's an honor to be in the Air Force here with the Georgia Air National Guard," White said. "I look forward to continuing to prepare future members of the 116th." Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard | Georgia National Guard
SPOTLIGHT: What is a MARLO? Congratulations to Marine 1st Lt. Kelly Colon, Marine Liaison Officer, who received her Naval Aviator Observer Wings in a pin-on ceremony by Col. Ato Crumbly, commander of the 116th Air Control Wing. At any given time, there is only one Marine Liaison Officer, or MARLO, assigned to Team JSTARS, and Colon is only the 4th MARLO to be assigned here. The MARLO works with our Operations Group as part of a six month immersion joint service program to learn how to work with and coordinate Joint STARS assets in theatre to assist Marine assets on the ground and in the air. Colon will take her wings, along with the knowledge and experience gained here back to her permanent duty assignment as an Air Support Control Officer to teach others, and help coordinate critical Joint STARS capabilities for Marine warfighters around the world. “This has been a very important opportunity for me and I am honored to take what I have learned back to the Marine Corps to assist in joint operations,” said Colon. “Everyone in Team JSTARS has been extremely welcoming and helpful, and I will always value the opportunities I have had here.” Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard United States Air Force U.S. Marine Corps Georgia National Guard 461 ACW Robins Air Force Base
The 202d EIS doing great things for the Georgia Air National Guard and putting their skills to the test at the 165th Airlift Wing by relocating and repairing communication lines that were recently damaged in a nearby construction project off-base in Savannah! #GoGuard
Have you "favorited" the 116 ACW on the AF Connect app? You're a few taps from growing our family & connecting someone to the Georgia Air National Guard with the Tell-Me-More feature! "Leave a legacy. Share your story. Because if there's not someone to step up and do your job, you've failed the Air Force." ~Brig. Gen. Thomas Grabowski, Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard Georgia National Guard | Georgia Air National Guard Recruiting | Air National Guard More on AF Connect:
Our civilian employers are important to us, supporting our Airmen performing military duties to stay proficient. Traditional guardsmen can then bring better professional and trade skills to civilian jobs. MSgt Tyler Harrison -- the 116th Civil Engineer Squadron structural shop NCO in-charge, Georgia National Guard, and a sheetmetal mechanic and welder civilian employee with the 78th Civil Engineer Squadron -- is no exception to that. "I love my civilian work, but what I'm learning and doing out here on the Guard side is setting me up to be more successful on the civilian side," Harrison said. "It's a benefit to both sides." #PartTimeBlueFullTimeYou Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard| Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
#NoSuchThingAsWeekendWarriors After a weeks-worth of 10-to-12-hour days, the 202d EIS closed out their first 5 days at Muñiz Air National Guard Base. The team has routed ... Are ready for this? ALMOST 70,000 feet! How incredible is that. Even after all that hard work and grueling days, the crew is still positive, in great spirits and eager to finish strong in Week 2. Keep following us as we get updates from them next week! Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard | 156th Wing - Puerto Rico Air National Guard | Georgia National Guard | Pr National Guard Joint Forces Head Quarters
From Georgia Peach to the “Isla del Encanto,” 202d EIS Support in the Caribbean
Members of the 116th Air Control Wing took a resiliency tactical pause — some needed time to build interpersonal relationships, to talk face-to-face about life and hammer out steps for building #resiliency. “This is a deliberate reminder that we need to always respect everyone, that everyone has value,” said Col. Amy Holbeck, vice commander of the wing. “We can’t get so focused on the mission that we forget about the people. Please know each of you are a big deal to me.” Air National Guard Georgia National Guard Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard
Tools make our lives easier, but what's more important than tools? Find out what ...
The Georgia National Guard Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Thomas Carden, came out for a familiarization flight today to get some hands-on experience on a Joint STARS aircraft. “Thank you for educating me as the senior servant of the Georgia Guard,” Carden said to the Airmen and Soldiers of Team JSTARS. “Thank you for what you do.” Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard|Robins Air Force Base (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Nancy Goldberger.)
#WorkingYourButtOffWednesday At the start of Day 2, the 202d EIS crew has run more than 15K feet of CAT6 Ethernet cable and completed five rooms of the building. The crew is optimistic even after a rough, tiring day that they'll beat their 14-day goal. Keep an eye out because tomorrow they be terminating the wires and installing the outlets. #NoACNoProblem #WorkBetterUnderPressure Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard | Georgia National Guard | 156th Wing - Puerto Rico Air National Guard | Puerto Rico Air National Guard Recruiting | Puerto Rico Air National Guard State Command Chief Master Sergeant
Herschel Walker came to see Team JSTARS as he made his rounds for day two of his visit to Robins Air Force Base today! Walker stopped by more than a dozen locations on base, sharing about his time finding help and bringing autographs and smiles to fans.
Personnel from the 202d Engineering Installation Squadron are assisting the Puerto Rico Air National Guard by installing the communications infrastructure in the medical and dining facility building. The project, expected to last almost 14 days, requires the routing of almost 75,000 feet of CAT 6 Ethernet and RG6 cabling.
Herschel Walker paid Team JSTARS a visit today! Col. Amy Holbeck, 116th Wing vice commander, introduced the Heisman trophy winner and former University of Georgia and NFL player left us with a message of #Resiliency. Needless to say, the troops received this household name well. Commander of the Georgia Air National Guard
We can&#39;t do what we do without community support, including from our civilian employers. If you have an awesome civilian boss, you can nominate him or her for recognition by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve! (#PartTimeBlueFullTimeYou" target="_blank"> #PartTimeBlueFullTimeYou</a>