116th Air Control Wing Public Affairs

We communicate the value of the 116th Air Control Wing and Tell Our Story to a global audience honoring our state and federal missions.

Public Affairs Office
Commercial: 478-201-4309/4318/1243 DSN 241-4309/4318/1243

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Media Relations

Media Relations is one of the primary means for achieving the Public Affairs core competencies of Airman morale and readiness, public trust and support and global influence and deterrence.

Public Affairs works with the news media to provide interviews, coordinate visits and to respond to queries. We seek every opportunity to tell the 116th Air Control Wing story by reaching the public through local, regional and national news media organizations.

Hometown News Release

Help tell the good news that takes place in the Georgia Air National Guard. The Hometown News Release Program allows for individual service members to inform their communities of their personal military accomplishments. Each year over 500,000 individual news releases are distributed to the 14,000 newspapers, television and radio stations with this service. Through the Hometown News Release, events such as promotions, awards, or any significant reassignments are all good examples to be used with this free service.

The 116th Public Affairs Office is here to help you let your family and friends at home know about your accomplishments. If you are interested in filing a Hometown News Release contact the 116th Public Affairs Office.

Request a Guest Speaker

The Georgia Air National Guard can provide speakers for Veteran's Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day public observances, and can also provide speakers for many other appropriate public events. National Guard personnel can speak on a wide variety of topics including: Military Support to Civil Authorities; Military Aviation; Leadership; Education Opportunities; Family Readiness and Support; Military Law; Military History; Military Medicine, Public Relations; and Journalism.

To request a speaker from the National Guard, event organizers should submit a completed DD Form 2536 (Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events) NLT 30 days prior to the event to the 116th Public Affairs Office.

Tour Request

The 116th Air Control Wing is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the public on our role in our nation's defense. Guided informational tours of our aircraft, base facilities and functions are available.

Please contact the 116th Public Affairs Office to discuss details.

Public Events

Armed Forces Participation in Public Events

The 116th Air Control Wing supports the participation of our Airmen in Public Events. This participation should further the understanding of the unit's mission and the community as a whole.

  • Participation must be in a noninterference basis Minimize interference with normal training or operations.
  • Facilities. Use of government facilities at the government's expense for non DOD-civilians is prohibited.
  • Providing handouts, speeches and other forms of promotion of the group's objectives is prohibited.
  • Air Force members may appear in uniform at local community-wide, civic-sponsored events only when the approving commander believes participation is appropriate and in good taste; the individuals volunteer for the assignment; there is no interference with military duties or operations; participation involves no additional cost to the government; and the event meets participation criteria IAW with AFI35-105.
Submit all requests for participation in a public event to the 116th Air Control Wing Public Affairs Office using DD Form 2536.

Flyover/Static Display

Flyover and Static Display Requests

All flyover and static aircraft requests will be processed through the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Office. Please do not contact any specific unit directly for aircraft support.

As a general rule, flyover requests are supported for Patriotic Holidays or for Open House and Air Shows only. If a request does not satisfy one of these requirements, justification must show a significant contribution toward military appreciation.

All flyover requests, DD Form 2535, must be filled out online at www.airshows.pa.hq.af.mil no later than 30 days prior to the event. Once applications are received, requestors will receive an e-mail with further instructions. Requesters will be required to get many signatures, complete the application and fax the application back to Aerial Events. Once the complete application is received, it will be reviewed and routed for higher approval.

Once a determination is made, requesters will receive an e-mail at the address provided on the application.

If your unit or event has received an approval from the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Office and you are interested in receiving aircraft support from the 116th Air Control Wing, please contact the 116th Air Control Wing Public Affairs Office.

If the 116th Air Control Wing is unable to support an event, requesters are encouraged to contact other Air National Guard, Air Reserve or Air Force Bases within their region.