Three Joint STARS Aircraft Returned to Mission Ready Status

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During a ground maintenance operations engine run a Joint STARS aircraft engine failed spreading debris on the Joint STARS  ramp causing damage to the adjacent aircraft.  
Personnel from the 461st and 116th Air Control Wings, who operate and maintain the Joint  STARS fleet , worked day and night to restore three of the aircraft to mission ready status as well as clear debris jettisoned from the faulty engine off the ramp and parking areas. The fourth aircraft is expected to return to mission ready status after the holiday.  
“The teamwork of our integrated Guard and Active Duty maintenance complex is an example  to every unit,” said Col. James Long, 461st Maintenance Group commander. “The men and women of the 116th and 461st Maintenance Groups used a disciplined and detailed inspection process to access and then repair the affected aircraft. It is an honor to serve among such an impressive team of professionals.”  
Four Airmen were seen as a precautionary measure due to the incident, evaluated and released by medical personnel.   
Flying operations resumed Thursday, after a pause to ensure all debris was removed from the ramp, and local aircraft were evaluated to determine if there was damage due to the incident.  There was no disruption of flying operations in support of Combatant Commands.    
A Safety Investigation Board is scheduled to arrive at Robins Air Force Base Thursday, Dec. 28, to begin its work in determining the cause of the engine mishap.                  
“Our maintenance personnel are phenomenal,” said Col. Thomas Grabowski, 116th Air Control Wing commander. “There is nothing the men and women of Team JSTARS can’t do, they never cease to amaze me. Their ability to restore these aircraft to flight status in such a short period of time demonstrates the combat mission ready posture of this unique organization.”   
For further questions contact Lt. Dustin Cole, 116th Public Affairs, (478) 747 - 3619,