116th ACW Comptroller Flight named top performing office in all ANG

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Caila Arahood
  • 116th Air Control Wing

The Comptroller Flight with the 116th Air Control Wing, Georgia Air National Guard, has been identified as the top performing finance office out of all 94 Air National Guard wings for fiscal year 2017.

Maj. Gen. Joe Jarrard presented the 116th CPTF with the Maj. Gen. Alfred K. Flowers Comptroller Organization of the Year award, which recognizes the best finance office based on their accomplishments and the excellent customer service they provide to their wing throughout the year.

“There have been several things that have led to our success,” said Major Rebecca Burton, commander of the 116th Comptroller Flight. “However, our entire team making the decision to do their very best to help members, organizations in the wing and each other has been critical to our success.”

These actions have made an impact recognized far and wide across the ANG and the 116th CPTF has been given the unique responsibility and opportunity to assist and lead all ANG units in Georgia in closing out their accounts correctly and successfully for fiscal year 2018.

“Our team’s willingness to continue to sacrifice time, after three years at full throttle and to answer the call for our wing and for our sister wings in the state of Georgia is a huge undertaking,” explained Burton.  “I am so proud to work with a team that continues to set an example and achieve excellence.”

Senior Airman Marcus Miller, finance specialist with the 116th CPTF, said all the Airmen in the finance office have put in extra time and remained dedicated to improve their processes which really paid off and he said it means a lot to him to be a part of 116th finance team.

“This is a huge feeling of accomplishment and we feel a great sense of pride,” said Burton. “This wing works hard and this formal recognition is just another example of the 116th Airmen doing exceptional work and this allows us to shine just as bright as everybody else in this wing.”

Master Sgt. Veronica Erickson, a finance specialist in the 116th CPTF, said she believes a lot of their successes in the high tempo environment here at Team JSTARS has been the result of how motivated their team has been to overcome obstacles and succeed. 

Burton said that the formal recognition of the award also goes to show that all of their hard work, extra hours and all the analysis they have done to fix internal processes in order to better serve the wing now and in the future has been more than worth it.

The 116th CPTF’s award package is now being evaluated at the Air Force level and the winner of all three components will be announced later this year.