138th Military Intelligence Company gets new commander

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Paul Ross
  • 116th Air Control Wing
The Army unit attached to the Air Force's only blended wing is under new command after a ceremony at Robins Air Force base, Dec. 1.

Capt. Jeff Fair relinquished command of the 138th Military Intelligence Company to Capt. Stan Thurston at 11 a.m. at Bay One Bldg. 2328.

Capt. Fair will be deploying with the 12th Airborne Command and Control Squadron and 128th Airborne Command Control Squadron until March 2007. He should make a Permanent Change of Station to Fort Lewis, Wash. upon his return.

Capt. Fair's time with the unit was enjoyable.

"I enjoyed flying with the 16th ACCS and 330th Combat Training Squadron," said Capt. Fair. "I love my job on JSTARS, both deployed and in training."

The outgoing captain recalls one of his favorite memories over the skies in Iraq.

"My best memory would have to be when we were working with some ground units in the desert and tracked an enemy mortar team back to a safehouse," said Capt. Fair. "We led friendly forces right to the house after getting approval from the CAOC for an on station extension. We finally had to head home, but we later received word from the CGS we worked with on the mission that the Brigade wrapped-up 10 Iraqis and a couple of mortar tubes with plenty of ammunition."

Before coming to the 138th MIC, the incoming commander, Capt. Thurston was stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash.

"Prior to my assignment with the 138th, I was a Battalion Intelligence Officer In charge for 5-20 Infantry of the Third Stryker Brigade Combat Team at Fort Lewis, Wash.," said Capt. Thurston. "I served with this unit during combat operations in Iraq from Nov. 2003 to Nov. 2004."

Capt. Thurston explains how the 138th MIC works.

The 138th is unlike any other unit in the Army," said Capt. Thurston. "The Company is responsible for the accountability, welfare, training, and combat readiness of all JSTARS soldiers. The command and control structure is unique. The 138th Military Intelligence Detachment is the higher headquarters and planning staff for the 138th MIC. The detachment commander is Col. Joseph Maher.

The incoming commander feels privileged to be a part of the unit.

"This is an exciting time for all JSTARS personnel," said Capt. Thurston. "Our asset is evolving to meet the demands of a new type of warfare. It is an honor to lead and work with the professionals that are setting the corner stone for the future of joint military operations."