Guardsman assists unconscious women in accident

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Roger Parsons
  • 116th Air Control Wing
A Georgia Air National Guardsman traveling to work at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., March 27, came upon a two car accident just south of the base and took quick action to assist an unconscious woman.

Senior Master Sgt. William Greenway, superintendent of the 116th Security Forces Squadron, along with an unidentified civilian, stopped to provide assistance when they noticed one of the vehicles involved in the accident had penetrated a section of the base fence.

"When I approached the vehicle, I noticed a woman partially in the driver's seat and lying on her back over the cars console," said Greenway. "She had blood on her face and was unconscious and barely breathing."

With all the vehicle doors locked, Greenway and the civilian forced their fingers between the glass and the frame, pulling the window until it shattered.

Jumping in the backseat, the Security Forces Airman immediately put his first-aid training to use opening the victim's airway while supporting and immobilizing her neck.

"I kept speaking into her ear letting her know everything was okay and that medical help was on the way," said Greenway. "I held her for approximately 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived."

While emergency personnel cut the passenger door off, Greenway shielded the victim from the glass and assisted in clearing the woman from the vehicle.

"As a Georgia Guardsman, I am proud to lend a hand to anyone in need," he said. "I didn't think about it, I just reacted. My training was a part of it, but more importantly, I believe my actions were based on the Air Force core values that are instilled in me."