Air National Guard Crititcal Days of Summer Campaign 2014

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Stanley E. Clarke III
  • Director, Air National Guard

Air National Guard
Critical Days of Summer Campaign 2014
"Don't Let Your Guard Down"

A Message from the Director of the Air National Guard

As we transition into summer, many of our Guard Airmen are spending well-deserved time off with family and friends. Whether planning an afternoon picnic, taking the boat out on the lake, or venturing out of town for an extended vacation, seemingly ordinary activities can impose significant risks if not managed appropriately. The goal of the Critical Days of Summer safety campaign is to help mitigate those risks and, thereby, reduce the number of mishaps during the statistically- high accident time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Last summer, tragically, the ANG lost seven Airmen; six in motorcycle crashes and one in a motor vehicle accident. The Air Force suffered 19 fatalities last summer, the majority of which were caused by motorcycle and motor vehicle incidents. Several family members, including children, were also killed or injured in preventable mishaps.

This year's campaign extends our ANG theme of "Don't Let Your GUARD Down." Taking time off is important for morale and resiliency; so, recharge, enjoy family time, travel, and participate in recreational activities. Just remember to keep safety and risk management at the forefront, concentrate on the task at hand, and minimize distractions - especially while driving.

Although off-duty activities are the primary focus of the summer safety campaign, Airmen must also practice risk awareness and risk mitigation on the job. We all share a responsibility to teach, mentor, and provide guidance to each other. Don't be afraid to call a timeout or "knock-it-off" when warranted.

I challenge each of you to make this year safer than the last. Exercise sound judgment, use solid risk management, and be a good Wingman - both on and off duty. We need all of you to return safely so we can continue to serve with distinction and answer our nation's call.

Lieutenant General, USAF Director, Air National Guard