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  • Flight crew member keeps JSTARS talking

    Growing up a in a military family, Staff Sgt. Kimberly knew she was going to serve in the military as her family had done for many generations. When her family settled in Warner Robins it only seemed fitting to join the Georgia Air National Guard. Kimberly is now a full-time, civil service,

  • JSTARS: Connecting the dots on battlefield

    After slipping by each other the narrow aisle of an E-8C Joint STARS aircraft, more than a dozen Airmen settle into their seats and begin to flip switches and work through checklists. Their olive-green headsets block out the roar of the jet engines and replace it with busy radio chatter as the crew

  • Don't let the uniform fool you

    Would you be surprised to know that right here at Robins Air Force Base, the Air National Guard' s 116th Air Control Wing employs more than 1000 Guardsmen where nearly 40 percent are employed as full-time civil service employees?While many Air National Guardsmen serve on a part-time basis--sometimes

  • Giving back, Georgia guardsman taking the heat for his community

    Like other men and women in the Georgia Air National Guard that dedicate themselves to volunteerism, a 116th Air Control Wing non-commissioned officer is following in their footsteps.Master Sgt. Todd, from the 129th Combat Training Squadron, recently graduated from level-one firefighter training, a